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Beth Rivkind's artistic journey is a celebration of beauty, inspired by the wonders of nature and her keen eye for hidden gems. Her abstract designs embody this essence, capturing the beauty in a dynamic abstract dance of color and form. Each piece reflects her love for nature's radiance, a sentiment she often finds in unexpected places. Her mother’s practice of art has been a guiding light. 

Her mother's lifelong dedication to art has been a guiding light for Beth, illuminating a path of creativity and inspiration. Experiencing her mother's relentless exploration of artistic expression has fueled Beth's own desire to delve deeper into her own realm of creativity. Her mother's unwavering passion for art serves as a beacon, encouraging Beth to continue her own journey of exploration and self-expression through art.

Beth's passion for beauty extends beyond art; she finds inspiration in design, form and fashion, always seeking out the exquisite and unique. Her ability to discover hidden gems of beauty is evident in her work, where she translates these moments into captivating compositions.

In her daily life, Beth takes the time to appreciate the beauty around her, capturing photos while on her daily walks, whether it's a blooming tree, the play of clouds around the setting sun, or unique landscapes she encounters in her travels. These moments of awe and wonder fuel her creative spirit, enriching her art with a profound sense of beauty and joy.


Discovering her talent later in life, she sees her work as a contribution to a more uplifting and enduring world. This philosophy infuses every stroke and color choice, giving her art a deeper meaning and purpose.

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